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Sinister Island

The Story of Sinister Island (soon with pictures)

Ash's youthful boldness and ambition brought many troubles upon him. He never would take heed to any warnings and often suffered the consequences. This is one such story of how this brash young trainer became no more.

Years of Pokemon training and collecting had made Ash into obsessed,greedy kid. Soon this obsession over Pokemon made Ash possessive. He had to have anything that had to do with Pokemon. Everything he owned had Pokemon logos on it. His clothes, shoes, lunchbox, and even bedspreads were coated in the fluffy critters' images. It was at this point in time that Ash decided he would seek out all forms of Pokemon badges and merchandise throughout the world. Of course, Brock and Misty tagged along because they have else better to do.

In order to aid his journey, Ash bought a yauht with the money he had saved from newspaper delivery. Ash immediately set sail in order to seek out the other badges of the world. Eight badges was not enough for him. Of course riding on the boat made Ash seasick, so he spent most of the time with his head over the rail.

A year passed and Ash was able to find the Shamrock,Dust, and Rancher badges. Still he felt that he was missing something. Then one day...

    Play format until I get the pics done
  • Ash Hey what's that island, Brock? I haven't seen it before.
  • Brock The map says it's Sinister Island.
  • Misty Oh! I don't like the sound of that Ash.
  • Brock I have heard stories about this island. They say that no Pokemon trainer has ever made it off the island because all their Pokemon become corrupt and evil.
  • Ash That's a bunch of bologna. Does the island have a gym?
  • Brock Yes, but...
  • Ash Well that's all I need to know. Let's go.
  • Misty Wait Ash aren't you scared? I heard the gym leader is an ex-American congressman.
  • PikachuPika, Pika.
  • Ash had already started towards the island

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